Who are we

People of Russian culture and origin who disagree with the actions of Putin’s regime, allegedly representing all of Russia and all Russians. That is not true: we have different goals and different ideas about Russia’s destiny and role.

Our Position

We oppose the criminal war that Putin unleashed on Ukraine. We cannot stop the war, but we can and want to help its victims, first and foremost, Ukrainian refugees. And we are already helping. We also want to support Russian refugees – those who did not wish to stay in Putin's Russia.

Our Russia

True Russia is a place that is free from dictatorship, propaganda and lies for all people of Russian culture, who were forced to leave their own country physically or mentally. We offer an alternative Russia, since True Russia can now exist only outside of the Russian state. If you share our goals, we invite you to become a citizen of True Russia.

Our Goals

We will inform the world about the projects initiated by the Russian-speaking communities and individuals around the world who share our values, aiming to become an aggregator of the news about these projects, as well as their informational sponsor

We will compile a database of such projects. We will provide the informational and organizational support to these projects and their founders. These projects can be diverse — from humanitarian, helping people in need, to social, cultural and academic. 

Our platform will include the information about these projects, as well as various ways to participate in and support them. We will also continue our own humanitarian projects to raise funds for the victims of Putin's war.

Our Task

We want to give Russians outside of Russia a sense of a dignified life in their own alternative homeland, which one does not need to leave, nor to be ashamed of

The more the world learns about true Russians, their initiatives and their projects, and the more worthy projects and initiatives are implemented, the sooner the very word “Russian” will stop to be perceived as abusive and toxic, and Russia itself to serve as a symbol of aggression and violence. And the sooner we all will start living in the real True Russia.

* TRUE RUSSIA LTD is currently applying to the UK Charity Commission for an approval of a registered charity status but does not have such status at the present. 

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A Few Words From Our Founders

Boris Akunin
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Sergei Guriev
Oleg Radzinsky
Managing Director

The dictator who currently holds power in the Russian Federation has launched a criminal war. The horror unleashed on our kindred people in Ukraine is becoming a true humanitarian catastrophe.

The hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their loved ones, and even their lives are bearing the full brunt of the blow. But all of us who speak Russian and belong to the Russian cultural world feel the blow too. The very word ‘Russian’ has become toxic.

Most of us are far away from the conflict, and from Russia. We may be powerless to stop this nightmare, but we do not have the right to remain idle.

The number of refugees will keep rising. The humanitarian situation will worsen. The very least we can do is help the people fleeing from the horror that Putin has started in Russia’s name.

The real Russia is bigger, stronger, and more durable than Putin. This Russia lives and will outlive him. The dictator is fighting a war not only with Ukraine, but against the better part of his own country. He is smothering Russia’s future.

Let us prove to the rest of the world that Putin does not speak and act for all Russians. And let us prove to ourselves that we are capable of real concrete action, not just words. Let us help our Ukrainian friends.

Please donate to help Ukrainian refugees.

Russians of the world, unite against the war!

Supporters to Our Cause

Tatiana and Sergey Nikitin
Vladimir Jurowski
Leonid Parfyonov
Lyudmila Ulitskaya
A war has started on February 24th, 2022. I always had thought that my generation, born during World War II, was lucky, that it would live their entire lives without any new wars, as written in the gospels, ‘peacefully, painlessly and with nothing to be ashamed of’. Apparently, we failed at that. It’s impossible to foresee the consequences of these events. The madness of one man and his loyal accomplices defines the fate of the whole country. We can only try to guess how history books will describe these events fifty years from now, and what opinion psychiatrists will have on the mental health of the leader of our country. Pain, fear and shame are our main feelings today. The pain, because the war is destroying life: the grass and trees, animals and their offspring, humans and their children. Fear, because all living beings have a biological instinct to preserve their own and their offspring’s life. Shame, because it is obvious that the leadership of our country is responsible for this situation, which may bring much more distress to humanity as a whole. A share of the responsibility lies with us, the contemporaries of these tragic events, who have been unable to foresee or prevent them. It is crucial to stop this war, which escalates with every passing moment and to counter propaganda lies that are being spread to our compatriots throughout all the media.
Andrey Makarevich

True Russia in the Press

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