The Future of Russia and Europe: Economics, Sanctions, Visas

On 30 November, True Russia, with the support of the Winter Club, held a public discussion at University College London between politician and MEP Sergey Lagodinsky and economic expert Andrei Movchan

How effective are Europe's sanctions on Russia and how can they help to stop war? Can the global economy learn to do without Russia, and how has Russian aggression changed Europe and the world? How can we resist this terrible war and can we prepare now for a different Russia, whatever it may become after Putin?

These and other questions were voiced at the meeting, jointly organized with the Eurasian Business Society and supported by the Winter Club. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to our humanitarian projects to help those affected by the war in Ukraine.

We are very grateful to Zima for organizing this event, which is not the first time they have supported our work, and to University College London (UCL) for providing the venue.

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