True Russia Wants You to Know How Your Money Works

In March of 2023, True Russia extended two grants for the following humanitarian projects

True Russia considers it important to report to its supporters about our activities. We receive your donations to alleviate the suffering of victims of Putin’s war in Ukraine on a regular basis, and believe that you have the right to know how your money works.

In March of 2023, True Russia extended two grants for the following humanitarian projects:

— To Ukrainian charity foundation “I-AM-Mariupol”, which helps the survivors of their city’s destruction by Putin’s army, True Russia provided EUR 22,300 for the medical rehabilitation, the purchase of prostheses, and further treatment of eight children wounded as a result of the attacks by Russian armed forces. We will follow and report to you about the progress of each child.

— To German non-profit organisation Rubikus, assisting Ukrainian refuges to move to Europe safely, True Russia gave EUR 20,000. There are families with small children, elderly people, as well as those with serious disabilities and medical conditions whom Rubikus helps. These funds will allow Rubikus to evacuate these people from the combat zones and the territories occupied by Putin’s army. Some of these funds will cover their medical expenses and special medical transportation.

Our programmes purport to help Ukrainian victims of Putin’s war, as well as those Russians who fled their country as they do not want to become the participants in Putin’s crimes.

We continue to accept donations for new humanitarian projects. You can support us by signing up for a one-time or a monthly donation. 

Thank you for your support.

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