Going dark: accessing darknet to find the truth about Navalny’s assassination attempt

So, the story is as follows – just recently, Alexey Navalny published an investigation about his own poisoning. I already talked about it and left a link to the video here.
We are interested in how Russian propaganda currently defends the interests of the Kremlin. Recently, a press conference of Vladimir Putin took place, and we had the opportunity to understand what strategy of defense propaganda is choosing against Navalny’s arguments. In general, everything happened as we expected. Vladimir Putin announced that this investigation is a legalization of information received from the CIA. It is perfectly clear to everyone that this is pure idiocy. So let’s turn to the other side. The reason for the very possibility of the investigation, Alexei Navalny calls the laws of Yarovaya – these are several bills initiated by Deputy Yarovaya, aimed at legitimizing the activities of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation to collect private information on Russian citizens. They entered into force and Big Brother is watching every citizen of Russia. However, the system is so infected with corruption that this data is very easily bought out by fraudsters, scammers, private detectives and journalists. Representatives of law enforcement agencies themselves collect and sell data to anyone for fairly affordable money. This was a real opportunity for BellingCat, The Insider and CNN to investigate. But we have critical thinking, right? Therefore, we will try to check everything ourselves, and thus we will understand who is telling the truth.
So, first, we install the TOR browser. We set up, go in and look for phone billing data.

We find a forum site and see a bunch of different proposals for “breaking through” phones. This means that we can get information not only on billing, but also on how this phone is recorded in the numbers of other people, to whom it belongs, and various interesting personal data. Here we have offers from phone operators, police, banks` and other databases

We click on the first link, and we see such a price list

Breaking through the numbers of the MTS operator throughout Russia.

Breaking numbers – 700r
Number search by full name – 700r
Detailing (billing) for 1 month – specify

Breaking through the numbers of the Beeline operator throughout Russia.

Breaking numbers – 400r
Number search by name and passport – 400r
Number search by name and date of birth – 500 rubles
Number blocking (individual) – 500 rubles
Re-blocking – 200r
Detailing * for 1 month – 1500r
Detailing * for 3 months – 3100r
Detailing * for 6 months – 5100r

Today’s US dollar rate is around 73 rubles per 1 USD. That is, we can get the details of the phone calls of any person for six months for only $70.
To be honest, I went to the most ordinary Russian-language site. It’s not even Darknet yet. On the darknet, you can see much more interesting things and an even larger list of services for the purchase and sale of personal information, which for certain reasons I will not disclose, as well as their addresses. The irony is that the very laws of Yarovaya were made in order, according to her, to help law enforcement officers fight crime, but in fact – not. Things only got worse. Since the system is so rotten that the law enforcement officers themselves commit crimes with the personal data of Russian citizens. And this, in turn, hit the regime.

Some oppositionists claim that the opposition cannot do anything more painful and worse for the loss of public confidence in the Kremlin than the Kremlin itself. I completely agree with them.

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