Cheat codes for Putin- lifelong immunity

We do not have a normal economy, there are no social guarantees, modern education and healthcare, and there really are no human rights either, but Russians have something cooler – a sense of humor. Therefore, we call our State Duma, the main legislative body of the state, “The Mad Printer”.
The Mad Printer prints laws that make life even more difficult for people in Russia. Over the past months, after the illegal amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Printer had many new crazy ideas for new laws. There were also bills aimed at toughening the legislation on foreign agents, protests, increasing fines and so on. But there is something particularly impressive. This is a new bill for de facto lifelong immunity for Putin.
Senator Andrei Klishas and State Duma deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov submitted to parliament a bill on guarantees of the immunity of the former president of the Russian Federation. For those who are experienced in Russian politics, these names practically mean equality with the fact that this is Putin’s personal desire.
The authors of the bill proposed to amend the law “On guarantees to the President of the Russian Federation, who has terminated the exercise of his powers, and to his family members.”
The current version of the law says that the former president cannot be held accountable only “for the acts committed by him during the term of office of the president.”
The parliamentarians proposed to state Article 3 of the law as follows:
“The President of the Russian Federation, who has terminated the exercise of his powers, has immunity. He cannot be brought to criminal or administrative responsibility, as well as detained, arrested, subjected to a search, interrogation or personal search. “
In other words, after his resignation, the president will be able to cosplay GTA on the streets of Moscow with impunity.
The authors of the bill also proposed to complicate the procedure for depriving the former president of immunity. In order to deprive the former president of immunity now, the Investigative Committee needs to initiate a criminal case “on the fact of committing a grave crime,” the State Duma gave its consent to deprive him of immunity, and the Federation Council made an appropriate decision.
The new version of the law proposes to register the following procedure:
Stage-1: In the State Duma (The Mad Printer) there are daredevils who put forward the initiative;
Stage-2: This initiative is supported by 2/3 of The Mad Printer;
Stage-3: The Mad Printer Special Commission gives the appropriate conclusion;
Step-4: The Supreme Court has confirmed that there are signs of a crime in its actions;
Step-5: The Constitutional Court has concluded that the established procedure for bringing charges has been complied with;
Stage-6: The Federation Council 2/3 of the total number of senators eventually makes a similar decision.
Earlier in October, Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced a bill to the State Duma that would allow former presidents to hold the post of senator for life simply because they want to, without being elected. Senators also have immunity and the procedure for its deprivation too.
As you can understand, this simply makes it almost impossible to take away immunity.

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