Life, Resistance and Solidarity in Time of War

The online event "Civic initiatives in a year of war" will take place on 10 January

"The war with Ukraine fundamentally changed the life and work of the entire Russian civil society sector. After emigrating, activists have created many initiatives abroad to help Ukrainians and Russians forced to leave their country. Among the NGOs that continue to work in Russia, many also help Ukrainians and Russians facing repression. At the same time, civil initiatives remaining in Russia, whose problems are far from military ones, are experiencing state pressure and a sharp decline in public attention (decrease in donations and readiness to volunteer). How will the NGOs remaining in Russia survive the war? Is effective antiwar resistance possible in a situation of dictatorship? Will civil society be able to form a unified network of initiatives over the war?"

The conversation includes:

— Natasha Baranova, content producer of "Teplitsa. Technologies for Social Good", activist of Feminist Anti-War Resistance, author of the telegram channel "Experiencing Activism";

— Alexey Sidorenko, Head of the "Teplitsa. Technologies for Social Good";

— Boris Grozovsky, observer, author of the EventsAndTexts telegram channel.

January 10th at 19:00 Moscow time. Join in!

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