The Voice of a New Diaspora

Russians in Serbia have founded the "Russian Democratic Society"

Serbia has become one of the key destinations for the new wave of Russian emigration that emerged after February 24, 2022. Tens of thousands of Russians have arrived in Serbia, most of them people with democratic views.

"Russian Democratic Society" (RDS) is a non-profit organization officially registered in Serbia, designed to give voice to the new diaspora and advocate for its interests.

The society holds meetings, events, rallies and marches, strives to build good relations with the Serbian population and promotes values of democracy: respect for human rights, alternation of power, fair elections, independent judiciary and subordination of power to the law.

RDS stands in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine who are fighting for freedom and independence of their country and supports and assists Ukrainian citizens in Serbia. The last anti-war march held on 24th December raised €6,071 to fund the purchase of twelve generators for Ukraine.

The RDS is open to collaboration with other citizens and organisations that share its goals and values.

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