Helping Ukrainian Citizens in Georgia with Housing, Humanitarian Aid, and Other Support

The Motskhaleba humanitarian project helps Ukrainians leave Russia and opens a shelter in Tbilisi
Who Can Get Help
Ukrainians in Georgia

The Motskhaleba foundation, co-founded by True Time journalist Yulia Koshelyaeva, helps Ukrainians who have been forcibly displaced to Russia and helps them find a new place to live elsewhere: "We have the incredible coolest volunteers, and we also have a huge desire to help as much as we can. What we don't have are days off, time to sleep, and money. And in Georgia, all help comes down to money, because the government doesn't help refugees here in any way, so we have to do everything on a voluntary basis”. 

 One of the volunteers' main tasks now is to organize a shelter for Ukrainians — the rented space is being renovated, after what it will need to be set up for normal life. This requires money and hands, so if you are in Tbilisi and you can help with repairs and cleaning, just fill out a form and the organizers will contact you. 

The website of the project contains useful information about life in Georgia, its legal and domestic aspects. There you can also find addresses of help points and you can offer your own help.

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