The Third Episode of the "Chronicles of the Moscow Exodus" Podcast Released

Zoya Svetova's podcast talks about Russians who left for Georgia after the war began

“People from Russia are everywhere now: in Istanbul, Yerevan, Tel Aviv, Riga, Sri Lanka and Cape Town. But most of them are here, in Georgia: within a few weeks over 30,000 Russians found themselves in a country of four million. How they left, why they couldn’t stay, what they are thinking and doing now, when they might go back to Russia — and will they?”

The third episode features a conversation with artist Maria Shalaeva and director Vladimir Mirzoeff about those who have left and those who have stayed in Russia, about the Aesopian language of art and how to bridge the divide between Russian society, in which there is a cold civil war.

The first episode of the podcast focused on the sixteen-year-old political activist Sasha Lavut, in the second episode Svetova talked to Anna Mongayt, the host and creative producer of TV Rain.

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