New fundraising for school scholarships for Ukrainian children in Montenegro

Pristanište Foundation asks for help to raise funds for refugee and emigrant children

The fund has been working since March 2022, providing temporary accommodation, food, medicine, SIM cards for people fleeing war and political persecution in Montenegro. The fund is now raising money for schooling and is very much asking for help. About one third of the total budget is raised through crowdfunding, Pristanište public events and online fundraising campaigns. 

The monthly expenses of the foundation are about 24 500 euros. About 12 000 of this is spent on accommodation and about 3 000 on consumer goods and food, SIM-cards, transport, etc. 5,000 euros is spent on school and kindergarten fees for children. 3,000 goes to the salaries of the six employees, in addition to them many volunteers work for the organisation.

"Initially we thought it would be better to organise separate shelters for Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians. But our very first refugees were a couple from the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv (a Russian man named Alexander and his Ukrainian wife named Diana), who changed our views on the ethnic division of refugees. They have since become ambassadors for the Foundation. They have shown us that it is wrong to divide people along ethnic lines, as there are no boundaries between people who share the same beliefs in peace and love and oppose Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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