AESF, a Collective of Four Russian Artists, Supports the Artists' Workshop in Lviv Region

Rosokhy SAS-NEST Art residence became a safe haven for artists from eastern Ukraine and their families

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Rosokhy SAS-NEST Art Residence in Stariy Sambor, a town in the Lviv region, has been actively involved in welcoming refugees since the early days of the war. Gradually, it became a rehabilitation centre and a refuge for artists from the east of Ukraine and their families.

The artists in the AES+F group, who have long had an artistic and personal relationship with the founder of the residency, Vira Nanivska, support the life and work of the art residency and encourage their audiences to join them.

They hope that in the future, once the humanitarian crisis is resolved, the residency will work and develop as part of an international network of similar institutions open to young artists in different countries. "Our aim now is to support the culture of Ukraine, our colleagues there.

Thanks to donations, it has already been possible to renovate some of the premises. It has recently become clear that people not only need a shelter, but also psychological rehabilitation and employment to return to active life. In partnership with the international organization "European Integration of Ukraine" the art residence "Rosokhy SAS-NEST" started to run special rehabilitation programmes for refugee families in the framework of "Territory of Rehabilitation" project.


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