Contemporary Art for Ukraine

On July 9, Pino Pascali Museum in Polignano a Mare, Italy opens AES+F exhibition with a fundraising campaign in favor of Ukrainian artists

The video installation Inverso Mundus was first shown in 2015 at the Venice Biennale. The work was inspired by a particular subject of changing traditional roles and social relations, familiar from 16th century engravings: a pig slaughters a butcher, a student punishes a teacher, a man carries a donkey on his shoulders, a man and a woman switch roles and dresses. In the artists' interpretation, absurd scenes of medieval carnival become scenes of modern life.

Throughout the exhibition, from 9 July to 2 October, viewers will be able to make a donation to the Rosokhy SAS-NEST art residence in the Carpathians, which is now home to refugees from eastern Ukraine.


"We are supporting our old Ukrainian friend Vira Nanivska, who in the early 1990s organised our first exhibitions in Europe together with Ukrainian artists. Some time ago she built an art residence on her farm in the Carpathians, Western Ukraine. As of today, almost a thousand refugees have found shelter in this residence and several nearby villages. <...> Anyone who would like to join us in supporting the refugee shelter in the Carpathians can make a donation to the charity organisation "European Integration of Ukraine" with which Vira Nanivska is cooperating.

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