Cultural and Political Life in Armenia and Support for its New Residents

The Bridge Project was launched as a source of mutual support for new immigrants and now combines the functions of cultural media and a practical guide
The project does not just help solve everyday issues, but also tells about the theatres, and museums, festivals and charity events, artists and entrepreneurs — about somehow notable places, events and people in Armenia. "We want to help those who had to leave their country settle in a new place — and that means not only getting the right documents and withdrawing money from the bank, but also getting to know the inner life of the country you moved to."  

One of the most useful sections of the website is "Relocation". Here you can find detailed instructions on how to use the post office, contacts of specific electricians and plumbers and links to applications where you can find such professionals, choose how, with whom and where to learn Armenian, where to go to volunteer, what to do with children and many other specific practical tips.

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