Helping activists from Russia to evacuate and legalise in Germany

The Berlin anti-war initiative inTransit helps those under politically motivated persecution in Russia
"What we do:
— We verify and submit lists of applicants for humanitarian visas to German authorities,
— We advise on matters of exit and legalisation in Germany and other European countries,
— In urgent cases, when the persecution factor is strong and can be proven, we help with evacuation from Russia.
We help those who are at high risk or are already victims of political persecution in Russia
and seeks to leave Russia or is in third countries"... we cannot help with evacuation those leaving because mobilisation has been announced, people with one administrative detention for participation in rallies, authors of anti-war posts on social media. If these are the only factors of harassment and risk, we can only help with information.
The organization cooperates with NGOs, anti-war initiatives, and representatives of German migration authorities in Germany, France, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Sweden, Spain, and the USA.
After the mobilization announced in Russia, the initiative began preparing evacuation material not only for Germany but also for other possible destinations. One of the posts contains detailed instructions on how to leave Russia for Kazakhstan: "Kazakhstan becomes the main destination for overland travel if you do not have a Schengen visa, no passport or if all tickets to other countries are sold out. In Belarus they check men, at the border with Georgia there are huge queues and traffic jams".

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