Free Russians for Navalny

Actions in support of Alexei Navalny and hundreds of other Russian political prisoners take place around the world on 21 and 22 January

Russians living abroad are holding a worldwide action "Freedom for Navalny and all political prisoners." Rallies, pickets and marches are being held in sixty cities in almost thirty countries. The action coincides with the two-year anniversary of Alexei Navalny's return to Russia after his Novichok poisoning and imprisonment.

"Alexei Navalny, sentenced to nine years, is still in prison — as are hundreds of political prisoners now held in Russian colonies and prisons. More than five hundred are serving their sentences because of their disagreement with the actions and ideology of the criminal authorities or because of their religious beliefs. The organizers of the rally say that with the beginning of the war the level of repression within the country has reached unprecedented proportions.

Their demands include an end to the war and recognition of the defeat of Putin's regime; the release of Alexei Navalny and all political prisoners; imposition of new sanctions on Russia; and adoption of personal sanctions against the entire ACF (Anti-Corruption Foundation)’s list of 6000 persons.

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