Association of Russian researchers who Left the Country After the Beginning of the War

Social Researchers Without Borders is an association established to promote cooperation, transnational academic activities and solidarity

Hundreds of academics left Russia after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, and for many of them it meant abandoning their careers, severing familiar ties and restructuring all activities. The Association was formed by several academic social scientists who were united by the idea of helping their colleagues to cope with the challenge of navigating the new space that emerged after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The Association holds scientific seminars and lectures and publishes news about emerging research. In the near future, the association plans to hold a summer school on the causes and consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The school's concept description states: "The position of the unperturbed researcher simply continuing his daily work with the outbreak of the war is no longer tenable. Some are already involved in civic initiatives working with war victims, others in building anti-war political action. Our task is to understand what place social research occupies in the landscape of emerging collective action, what social problems require the involvement of researchers, what form this involvement can take."

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