Online Book Club for Russian-speaking Children

On August 1, Bukutoku Book Club will begin a new series of meetings with a reading of Masha Danilova's book Anya "Here and There"

Online reading of children's books and discussing them together has become popular during the pandemic, when everyday life and habits have drastically changed for adults and children alike, and new ways of working and relaxing have emerged.

Now that the war in Ukraine has deprived thousands of children of their normal lives, and with it of the opportunity to socialize as they did before, experience from the pandemic has proved useful.

Bukutoku Book Club, which organizes such regular meetings with children's book readings, has been inviting Ukrainian children to join for free since the beginning of the war, so they could listen to books be it from hiding during shelling or from their new homes, where they had to move to with their families.

Dina Bernikova, the founder of the project, says that the children see these readings "as a kind of an island of stability and joy, and for parents it is a little time for themselves.

On August 1, a free cycle begins for children who are "forced to leave or are about to leave from anywhere to anywhere. We will read Masha Danilova's book "Anya here and there" and talk about what hurts and how to live with it”. Age from 10 years, just because it seems that children at this age have the hardest time being uprooted.

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