A Guide to Desertion and Homeland Betrayal

Purpose of Visit — Tourism” helps people flee Russia, cross the border and adapt to new places

The project started as a support network for friends and acquaintances but quickly grew to work for a much wider audience and now helps everyone in need.

The scheme is based on bringing together people who are willing to help and those who could benefit from it. Those who need or want help fill in questionnaires, and volunteers connect people whose requests and offers match.

In the project’s chat room, the organisers write when something in particular is needed from volunteers, limited to Kazakhstan and Armenia for the moment.

How volunteers can help:

— provide accommodation for those just arrived or help find one;

— pick up people from the border or help organise a transfer for them;

— advise on everyday issues and how to organize in different countries;

— talk and give support;

— make a donation.

The project also has a guide, called “A guide to desertion and betrayal of the homeland” which gathers information on different countries that can make it easier to relocate in extreme conditions.

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