Berlin's Kreuzberg has a Free Co-Working Space for Activists, Journalists, Human Rights Activists, Researchers and Artists

Reforum Space in Berlin is a partner of the Free Russia Foundation's global networkь with similar spaces also operating in Vilnius, Tallinn, and Tbilisi

"Our aim is to help people who have left their countries because of war and repressions to adapt and work in Germany; to develop and create new anti-war projects. And also, to get to know each other, adapt, and learn new skills".

The Berlin Centre, as well as the other spaces of the Reforum Space network, is open to all those who have left Russia and Belarus because of an anti-war stance or possible persecution for political views, to those who have left Ukraine because of the war and are active in humanitarian, information, and other projects to support their country.

There are meetings to address questions about adaptation in Germany, a free audio/video recording studio for journalists and activists, support groups and a conversation club.

The space is open for cooperation and is available free of charge for lectures, events, and  presentations of anti-war projects.

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