Everyday Resistance to War, Repression, Violence and Propaganda

Issue three of ROAR, The Russian Opposition Culture Report, has been published
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The journal will be published until circumstances change drastically.

Publisher and editor in chief Linor Goralik writes: "The war has been going on for six months. Six months of death and suffering, six months of horror and violence — and six months of fierce daily, minute by minute, second by second resistance to the enemy. It is that everyday resistance — to war and repression, to violence and propaganda — that I see as one of the most important kinds of human exploit at a time when the Russian power machine is putting unbelievable effort every day into killing, destroying, breaking and maiming whoever gets in its way.

ROAR Issue 3's work speaks not only to this everyday resistance to Russian power violence in its many forms, but also to the fact that there seems to be no other way to win and overcome it.

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