A Bot to Help Talk with Loved Ones about War, With an Updatable Database of Arguments

MOST is a collaborative project made by several anti-war initiatives with the support of volunteers and experts

"If you don't know what to answer the questions such as "Where have you been for 8 years?" or "There are only Nazis in Ukraine", MOST can help build dialogue and re-establish contact with loved ones. Talk to them, not to the TV they are parroting."

Unlike many similar instructions created after the outbreak of war, the project involves promptly responding to the user's request and updating the base of arguments.

On the project page, you can find scenarios with talking points and arguments broken down into themes, as well as materials to inform your arguments — articles, videos and even memes.

You can participate in the project by adding your own theses and arguments.

BRIDGE was created by several teams: the Relocation Guide (Ira Lobanovskaya and Ilya Inozemtsev), the XZ Foundation — anti-war media and cultural projects (Maya Stravinskaya and Maria Shashayeva) and individual experts (journalists Andrei Loshak, Mikhail Zygar, Nigina Beroeva, Peter Pomerantsev, psychologist Natasha Markovich and others) with active support from volunteers and the Relocation Guide community.

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