New Enrolment in Free Film Classes for Ukrainian Teenagers Launched

The Film Workshop has already held two full-fledged courses, with students’ final projects available on its website

"After 24 February, many Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes, hide, emigrate, and children were unable to go to school, having to hear the sounds of shelling instead and generally to abandon their familiar way of life. We thought for a long time how we could help, apart from volunteering and transferring money to foundations, especially to children who had lost their usual social circle, their usual activities. We have thus decided to organize free film workshops for Ukrainian teenagers, where they can get distracted from their problems, learn useful skills and make films together.

The programme includes mastering cinematography skills, learning the basics of editing software and, of course, making their own film. Participants do not need to have any specific technical equipment to learn.

In order for the team to continue its work, it needs funding to pay teachers' salaries and for administration of the learning process.

Workshop leaders and teachers

Valya Korabelnikova is a documentary filmmaker, editor, cameraman, photographer who works in London.

Vera Pirogova is a director and scriptwriter, graduate of the Moscow School of New Cinema (Fred Kelemen's lab), works in fiction and documentary cinema in Edinburgh.

Alexander Arnautov is a director and scriptwriter, graduate of the Institute of Contemporary Art (Valery Rubinchik's workshop). He lives and works in Tbilisi.

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