New Project to Help Russian Students Persecuted for Their Beliefs

With legal support from the Public Verdict Foundation, the "Freedom Diploma" human rights project has opened
Students in Russia have begun to face pressure and direct reprisals from university authorities. Students can be threatened with expulsion for expressing their views, defending their position or taking part in political actions. Such harassment is illegal, but one needs to know how to deal with it.

"Freedom Diploma" offers legal support to students who are threatened with expulsion or face other problems because of their political views. There is a contact form on the website through which you can leave an application.

In addition, there are several information sections on what expulsion is from a legal point of view, what different stages of the procedure are and how to behave at each of them, how to prevent expulsion, what pre-trial and court settlements are, what is important to remember when defending your rights and so on.

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