The Bridge — Assistance for Ukrainian Refugees in Germany

A volunteer initiative of Russian emigrants united over 55,000 people
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Ukrainian refugees in Germany
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Volunteers provide help with daily life issues and logistics to refugees from Ukraine who have relocated to Germany. There are over 55,000 people in the project’s Facebook group.

A request for help might look the following way: “Friends, I need a huge favor. To transport 14 disabled children, two of whom will be transported lying down, we need 1-2 interpreters (Ru/Ukr/German) from April 1 to April 3. Children will be picked up at the Ukrainian-Polish border by a group of doctors and taken to a clinic in Freiburg. Anyone ready to help?”, and the offer of help as follows: “There is a room with a kitchen and a separate bathroom in the house of a German family of doctors for a woman with a child under 10 years old. They will help you arrange everything. Vera accompanies and translates. For all questions, write to Vera directly"

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