"Emigration from Russia to the Free World" — a Chat for 100,000 People

The best guide to emigration from Russia and job search abroad
Who is the Organizer
Irina Lobanovskaya
Who Can Get Help
For those wishing to leave Russia, new emigrants
A large database containing information on all known ways to emigrate from Russia and look for work abroad, a Telegram channel and a chat with about 100,000 participants, began as a personal initiative.

At the beginning the author of the guide, IT marketing officer Irina Lobanovskaya, “tried to respond to everyone, it was important for me. Hundreds of updates were sent to me... Now we are setting up artificial intelligence algorithms that will help us vacuum the entire Internet for content about relocation. Manual content search is now also systematised. If at first we barely managed to add all of the updates sent, now we are looking for what is missing specifically, and a team member with legal background joined to be in charge of fact-checking of all the content. Updates to the guide’s channel are being made daily, mostly in the evening. Usually there are 12-20 new materials. My favourite recent piece is „How to break off relations with the Russian Federation“”.

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