Where the Actions to Commemorate the Victims of State Terror will Take Place

The "Return of Names" campaign has expanded its geographical focus from the Russian Federation to an international one
"We are reminding ourselves of the most important, absolute principle: there is nothing more precious than human life and therefore the state has no right to kill people. Neither in 1937, nor in 2022," the organisers, the Memorial Society, wrote.
This year the "Return of Names" is taking place for the fifteenth time. Originally, the action was held in Moscow only. Over the years the participants would gather on October 29th on Lubyanka Square near the Solovetsky stone where, from 10am to 10pm they would read out the names of the people executed during the Soviet terror. Later, similar actions began to take place in other Russian cities. The name, age, profession, and date of execution — similar gatherings to commemorate these people are now also held in other countries where Russians emigrated to.
This year, in addition to Russian cities, names will be read in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, Britain, Australia and the USA.
Addresses and information on how to carry out the campaign in your town can be found on the "Return of Names" website.

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