Platform for Supporting War-affected Institutions

Save the Spot supports museums, zoos and other cultural institutions in Ukraine

The Save the Spot charity initiative was launched by Tatiana Fokina, director general of Hedonism Wines, HIDE Restaurant and Studio Caché: "When the war started, we felt overwhelmed and confused. I think a lot of people felt that there was absolutely nothing we could do, despite our civic positions, participation in rallies and attempts to change the minds of our differently minded friends and acquaintances. Obviously, this was not enough and then we began to think about what we could do physically to really help. And because the cultural sector is very close to me, due to part of my work, I got the idea to support museums and theatres affected by the war."

The online platform invites users to choose a venue they want to support directly on the website and buy a virtual ticket for between £5 and £20. The money sent goes straight to the recipient — a theatre, museum or cultural centre. Every week, the initiative attracts new members. They already include regional museums, private zoos, palaces of culture, music schools for children, theatres and libraries. Among them are the Luhansk Theatre of Ukrainian Music and Drama, which building was completely destroyed by a tank shot by the Russian Armed Forces in June, Kharkiv Museum of Literature, Ivankiv Museum of History and Regional Studies, which housed a collection of works by Maria Primachenko until February 25.

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