Personal Stories of Russians Who Disagree with the War, Told to the World

NotMyWar is available in four languages and allows foreigners to better understand contemporary Russia and its people

"We are collecting stories of Russians who share the values of peace and democracy. Your personal experiences and perspectives will help people in the Czech Republic and around the world to know what has been happening in Russia all this time and to understand the needs of those who have chosen to leave or have been forced to flee their country. We are collecting the stories of those who left and are now abroad, as well as those who stayed behind".

The creators of the project stress that they do not support Russia's military aggression in any way and consider it abhorrent and unforgivable. They aim to show the world that "a significant proportion of the people fleeing Russia today, are those very people who oppose their country's actions, either actively or silently... Our aim is to show the reality in which these people live. People who are much more like you than what you may think.

We hope that these stories will help both sides to understand each other better."

In addition to personal stories, the site includes material on Russian history and its political present — censorship, repressive legislation and an authoritarian regime.

There are Russian, Ukrainian, English and Czech versions of the site.

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