One of the Biggest Humanitarian Projects in Georgia Helping Ukrainians Needs Urgent Help

Emigration for Action is raising $60,000 to buy medicines for Ukrainians in Georgia

This volunteer project emerged in the early days of the war, when several Russians who had left for Georgia organized themselves to help Ukrainians. In ten months of work, they were able to buy medication for five thousand Ukrainians, and 97 people received medical treatment and other personal assistance.

Today, there is a long waiting list of people who have asked for medication: 300 Ukrainian refugees are waiting for 1,615 medicines, while the funds the project needs to continue providing help have run out at this point.

Project organizers write: "We receive a lot of gratitude from Ukrainians because they have no one else to turn to: many of the state support programmes people have been counting on, have been cut. We understand that the almost year-long war is turning into a terrible routine. But the catastrophe continues: the numbers of Ukrainian refugees are not getting smaller, nor their needs for medication. Taking into account the average monthly costs, we need about 160,000 GEL (about $60,000) to eliminate the queue and hold out until mid-March.

This is a large amount of money, but the project runs entirely on private donations and can only rely on your help. You can personally help Ukrainians by donating any amount.

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