Literature as a Response to the War in Ukraine

The literary and journalistic magazine "Raznitsy" (Alterities) exists outside of political and artistic censorship
"The editorial office is located outside the Russian Federation and can disobey Russian laws without fear: the magazine is not subject to censorship, has no thematic filter, no prohibition of obscene language, etc.

When the war is over, the magazine will not disappear, but will remain as a forum for poignant, experimental, and inconvenient words and ideas. The magazine's policy allows for a pluralism of worldviews, with the exception of ideas of authoritarianism, despotism, and idiocy."

The magazine publishes prose, poetry and journalism of all kinds, including philosophical journalism, and interviews with authors.The creators of the magazine ask that each text be accompanied by a short story about the author. The first issue is already out.

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