Adaptation in Georgia for Recent Emigrants from Russia

Emigration for Action's project to help Ukrainian refugees in Georgia opens a new dimension — helping Russians fleeing the regime, mobilization and closed borders

How to Get Involved

Donate, volunteer

Emigration for Action is continuing to help Ukrainian refugees, but it is now ready to support Russians in Georgia as well.

"We do not want nor cannot ignore what is happening in Russia. All kinds of people are leaving, they are fleeing the regime, mobilization and the closing of country’s borders. Almost all of them need coordination and information assistance.

The project is working on the creation of a network of shelters and the deployment of an infrastructure of initial help for those arriving: "our volunteers, who have completed specialist courses, will work with people at Betlemy, 23 and various locations in the city, offering qualified crisis intervention as needed."

On 1 October there will be a big meeting for newcomers in the space at 23 Bethlemy.

The project is in constant need of new volunteers and monetary donations, both to help Ukrainians and to create shelters for Russians. If you wish to make a donation specifically to help Russians, please indicate "shelter" in the transfer caption. Donations without indication will go to help Ukrainians.

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