Help with Temporary Accommodation in Kazakhstan for Russians Fleeing Mobilisation and Local Mutual Help Chats

Kovcheg («The Ark») opens coliving spaces in Aktobe and Almaty
"We are grateful for the caring people in this beautiful country who help those who are fleeing mobilisation and do not want to participate in the Kremlin's criminal war against the people of Ukraine."

The first Kovcheg («The Ark») coliving spaces have appeared in Istanbul and Yerevan back in the early spring of 2022, when thousands of Russians began fleeing the country in search of asylum after the war in Ukraine began. Now, following the start of mobilisation and the emergence of new evacuation destinations, notably Kazakhstan, Kovcheg has opened two new spaces: one in Aktobe and one in Almaty.

In order to receive assistance with housing for the first time, you will need to fill out an application form. Accommodation is usually provided free of charge for up to two weeks, and can be extended if necessary.

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