The Team of Playwright and Director Ivan Vyrypaev is Looking for Like-minded People, Volunteers and Sponsors to Support an Ambitious New Project

In Teal House in Warsaw, people from various mental and cultural backgrounds will perform, listen to lectures, study in drama schools and simply hold meetings in a cafe. The virtual part of the project should bring together more artists from all over the world

"Today Poland, and Warsaw in particular, has become home to people of different nationalities, cultures, worldviews and, most importantly, languages. One of the main reasons for the mixing of peoples is the war in Ukraine (there are about 3 million refugees from Ukraine in Poland and over 2 million in Warsaw alone) as well as political repression of citizens in countries with totalitarian regimes, such as Belarus, Russia, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. Another important factor is climate warming in Africa and the Middle East."

Ivan Vyrypaev and the Polish private cultural foundation Weda Project are working to create a place that will become a home for culture, theatre and education, and a space where people who are homeless and looking for new points of reference can meet.

The project now needs support in five main areas:

— The creation of the play Tealbird, which will premiere the Teal House;

— The production of Ivan Vyrypayev's play The Tallest Trees on Earth;

— Production of Alexandra Denisova's mono-performance “My Mum and the Full-scale Invasion”;

— The opening of the Teal Theatre School;

— Maintenance and development of Teal House.

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