"Vtoroe Dykhanie" Charity Shop Distributes Clothes and Hygiene Products in Moscow and the Russian Regions

Helping refugees from Ukraine is a logical next step in their work as a charitable secondhand store
Who is the Organizer
Vtoroe Dykhanie Charitable Foundation
Who Can Get Help
Ukrainian refugees in Russia
How to Get Involved
Make a donation, bring humanitarian aid
The Foundation collects unwanted clothes through a wide network of its own stores, has partners in all of the Russian regions and distributes humanitarian aid among those who need it.

Now the project’s work is focused on helping Ukrainian refugees in Russia. Clothes and other necessities are sent to people who find themselves without a home, livelihood and personal things.

“The funds that you donate will be used to provide material aid to refugees and purchase the essentials for them. These are basic personal hygiene products, clothing and writing supplies. Do remember: any amount matters”.

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