The University of New Europe Launched a Service for Scientists and Students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

The database combines vacancies and student programs in European and American universities and is being constantly updated
Who Can Get Help
Students, teachers, researchers, journalists, human rights activists, artists, who have left or are looking for opportunities to leave their home countries
How to Get Involved
Participate in the mentoring program, become a project consultant
The University of New Europe is an initiative of several scientists and professors from European and American universities, including Dina Huseynova (London School of Economics and Political Science), Mikhail Minakov (Kennan Institute, Washington), Alexander Etkind (European University, Florence) and others. In addition to planning to launch a new school, the University of New Europe features a database on new teaching and research opportunities, scholarships and program openings for applicants at risk of persecution. It also provides mentorship assistance for applicants.

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