Heat for Ukraine

Holod Magazine has launched a fundraiser for twenty cenerators for Ukrainians
"The situation in Ukraine is getting worse every day: many people and animals are left without light and heat due to Russian missile strikes. We at Holod consider the actions of the Russian authorities in destroying civilian infrastructure to be inhuman and criminal — and are launching a fundraising campaign to buy generators and heat stoves for the people of Ukraine."

The editorial board is going to raise money for 20 generators. The approximate price of one generator is 600 euros. To buy 20 generators, we need to collect 12 thousand euros, or 764,500 rubles. Funds for one generator have already been collected internally. You can donate money until December 7: after this, the money will be handed over to partners so that volunteers can buy generators and deliver them to their places.

To transfer in any foreign currency: https://buy.stripe.com/eVa5nken5gUp47u144
PayPal: yandex@holod.media
BTC: bc1qcym8v4vp2e8yfx5au7v69rdyp8xee2rxme8zmu

If you want to transfer money in rubles, for your security we offer you to make a donation on our website holod.news. And we, in our turn, will transfer to the Foundation all ruble received from 29.11 to 7.12.

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