Community of Free Russians in Poland

The Association "For a Free Russia" launched a project to help Russian activists and emigrants
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Russian emigrants in Poland, civil activists in Russia
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The Polish Association "For a Free Russia" was created to form a community of free Russians living in Poland, to help them preserve their identity, support their initiatives, and strengthen ties between groups of free Russians in different European countries.

In March 2022, the Association launched a project of financial support for Russian emigrants and activists staying in Russia. 

“There are a lot of different people among Russians. There are those who fought for democracy in their country for a very long time and were forced to flee from repressions — some of them left for Ukraine... we help Russian citizens (mainly women and children) who seek asylum in other countries. We are also raising funds to support people who continue to fight Putin's bloody regime in Russia and risk losing everything. Russia is not only Putin. Russians are not only Putin. We are against the war and any hostilities, whatever they are called”

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