"Helpdesk" is Up and Running

A chat room that helps everyone affected by the Russian state and a media outlet that captures the crimes of that state
Who Can Get Help
To all those affected by the Russian state in the war with Ukraine

Ilya Krasilshchik's project grew out of his own Telegram channel and Instagram, where he told stories of Ukrainians at war and published news about Russian war crimes.

Now it's a live chat, where you can write “if you’re in need of help; if you’re not feeling safe, but don’t know how to leave the country; if you’ve been deported from Ukraine into Russia and need help fleeing; if you’ve been fired because of an antiwar stance; if you’re facing criminal prosecution; if you don’t want to be drafted into the Russian army; or if you’re just feeling lonely. Write to us”.

The second part of the project is a media outlet that publishes top news about the war in Ukraine and anti-war initiatives around the world.

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