Russians in Sweden Unite Against War

Anti-war committee "Russians against war" organizes protests and helps Ukrainian refugees
Who Can Get Help
Ukrainian refugees in Sweden
How to Get In Touch

Phone: +46 76 841 11 41


How to Get Involved
Donate, bring clothes for refugees, volunteer, join civic actions

A community of Russian-speaking emigrants who oppose the war in Ukraine is united by two goals — humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees and an active expression of civic position.

This is an example, of what an announcement for the week in the community's telegram channel looks like:


12:00 rally every Monday until Putin's troops leave Ukraine!


1 p.m. Meeting for Ukrainians

18:00 Fundraising concert — Ukraine in Need


12:30 p.m. Stoppa Putins krig mot Ukraina protest


6:30 p.m. Concert in support of Ukraine


1:00–6:00 p.m. Masked net weaving for defenders of Ukraine. Come weave or donate clothes!

There will be no rally this weekend, but there will be a big rally next week on Wednesday at 6:00 pm."

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