Russia During the War — A View of the Verstka

A new public-political media outlet that describes and explores how society in Russia functions

On April 26, independent journalists launched "Verstka" media as a response to an active campaign to destroy Russian independent media during the war with Ukraine. The topics of "Verstka" are the most important thing on the news agenda in terms of anti-war and democratic media.

The Verstka now has three areas of focus:

Heroes of Resistance.

"To my boys, I explained, 'Your mother is a batman. "Verstka" talked to Ekaterina Zaripova, who tore down the letters Z from the windows in kindergarten No. 1 in Yasnogorsk

Thoughtful analysis.

"What is he like as Putin? A portrait of the president at the beginning of his rule and now." How Putin's image has changed over the course of his reign, and what the jokes about violence, aggressive male power, and militaristic themes around Vladimir Putin's image have led to.

Exclusive news.

"Moscow Metro employees threatened to send 'volunteers' to war."

Human rights organizations believe that such an initiative is one of the tools of "hidden" mobilization by the state.

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