The Flow of Those in Need of Help in Tbilisi is Never-Ending

Every day Choose to Help helps more than 150 Ukrainian families

"The center's team is made up of volunteers from all over the world. We work at the Center on a pro bono basis. We were given the building for our Center free of charge.

We have been working since March 2, 2022. At first we were collecting and sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine. But at the beginning of April, more and more Ukrainian refugees started arriving in Tbilisi. We started working with those who needed help here and now. Our station provides clothing, food and hygiene items, and medicine.

Our only funding is through voluntary donations. All the money collected goes to buy food, medicine and hygiene items.

We also accept help from people who don't care. You can bring something from the list of necessary things to our center, and it will go to those who need it. You can also donate money or goods to us or become our volunteer."

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