How to Find a Russian-Speaking Hairdresser, Lawyer or Car Mechanic in Spain

The Pomogaika mobile app allows you to find and offer everyday services and create your "circle of confidence"
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Three friends from Moscow moved to Valencia a few years ago. Having understood from their own experience what problems with adaptation and in everyday life can be for relocates, the now ex-Moscowites decided to help the new immigrants by creating an app Pomogaika to search for Russian-speaking services in Spain by geolocation.

Moving to another country is always stressful. And in the new life, a person is in dire need of support. Such support can be a new circle of communication and confidence. The question arises: how to create it? For example, find a Russian-speaking cleaner, a plumber, an auto mechanic, an immigration lawyer, a photographer, a doctor, or a teacher. 

The Pomogaika app gives you the opportunity to do this for free:
— Find the nearest service in Russian;
— Post any number of services, from flat cleaning to dog walking, promoting your business and gaining new clients. This is especially important for those who have just moved and are looking for a way to earn money in a new country;
— Find new friends and acquaintances.

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