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Our programmes aim to help Ukrainians affected by the war and Russians who have fled the country

Since the early days of fighting, the founders of True Russia have spoken out publicly against Putin's criminal war against Ukraine.

We can't stop the bloodshed, but we can and want to help the victims of this war, especially the Ukrainian refugees. And we are already helping. In the first three months, the True Russia community around the world has raised over £1 million in donations. The money has already been given to the UK Disasters Emergency Committee, which brings together charities that support Ukrainian refugees.

Funds raised have helped to purchase basic necessities such as food, water and hygiene products, as well as providing accommodation for displaced families and first aid.

We continue to fundraise for projects for Ukrainians and support emigrants from Russia forced to leave the country after the outbreak of war.

We also aim to provide informational support for charitable initiatives of the Russian-speaking diaspora, ranging from humanitarian initiatives aimed at helping people in need to social, cultural and scientific initiatives. On our platform, we have decided to host a catalogue of such projects, which will grow day by day.

By supporting True Russia, you are supporting the movement against war, for democracy.

Thank you for being with us!

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