Support for the Isabelle Ferry Children's Centre in Tallinn

More than three hundred refugee children from Ukraine are supported by OGOGO, an innovative education and leisure-time activities project for children

Centre for innovative education OGOGO has been organizing city camps and classes for children since 2014, where they learn robotics, 3D modelling and the Estonian language. This summer, the team decided to launch charity programmes for refugee children from Ukraine. And before long, one-off activities have turned into a permanent centre, working right on the ferry, where refugees temporarily live, and into a hobby school.

Classes are run by specialists and volunteers from Estonia, Ukraine and Russia, and it is possible to join the project. The organisers would like the project to help not only the children, but also their parents, so they offer jobs for teachers and educators.

OGOGO charitable projects live and develop thanks to donations. Funds go to the children's classes and to pay educators and teachers from Ukraine.

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