New Psychological and Legal Support Service for Women

"Labyrinth" offers free assistance to women forced to go to a foreign country and face violence there

Who is the Organizer
Rivina Foundation

"Labyrinth is a team of women who have come together to help those in trouble. The project was invented by Anna Rivina, the creator of, and the participants live in different countries. Apart from Labyrinth, what unites us is that we all speak Russian and want to help women survivors of violence. We have a large team of psychologists and volunteers from dozens of different countries — wherever you are, we will try to find help near you".

The website has a knowledge base of nine countries: the Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Russia and the UK. The resource supports four languages: English, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian.

In addition to legal assistance, the Labyrinth team can provide psychological support. All female professionals receive training on the topic of gender-based violence before starting work in the project. Counselling and group meetings are conducted online and in several languages.

Another form of assistance is volunteer support. When a woman requests assistance, she is provided with a volunteer, who can meet her, take her to a place and help her get in touch with the shelter or a support organization. 

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