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"Interval", a literary and fiction zine, invites Russian and Ukrainian-speaking writers who describe the reality in which we have all found ourselves since the war began

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"We created 'The Interval' to capture the rifts that have formed, the distances and what is within and between them. Through writing, we want to understand what unites and separates us in the new reality of February 24, 2022... We invite all those touched by war to create a textual cast of time. To capture reality, or at least some part of it. We are waiting for texts that interpret and/or describe the reality of your life. We do not set limits and restrictions, the format is up to you."

Previously unpublished texts in Ukrainian and Russian — diary entries, autofiction, essays, poetry, and fiction — are welcome. The editorial board is also interested in visual work and open to cooperation with illustrators and graphic artists.

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