Humanitarian Aid Center for Ukrainians Operates in Tbilisi

Volunteers help refugees with housing, food & transport
Who Can Get Help
Ukrainian refugees in Georgia
How to Get Involved
Make a donation, bring humanitarian aid, medical supplies, send aid to Ukraine, donate blood
One day in the life of Tbilisi volunteers: “Daily summary of our work: our location at Grishashvili, 20 is open despite the state holiday. This morning there was a large purchase of humanitarian aid for our dispense point. We had a meeting with our friends from Paliashvili, 60 and discussed further joint efforts to help the Ukrainians.

We visited all of the houses that we rent out for refugees. We are finishing up a home in Bulachauri. Soon people will start living there. We talked with the Ukrainians who are living in our house on Vedzisi and Tianeti, learnt their future plans and daily necessities, discussed what else we could do to help. We have set up a transfer from Tianeti to the airport for refugees who are leaving tonight to reunite with their families.

We want to thank everyone willing to respond to our posts and calls to help the refugees. As we already wrote, we are improving our work system and we need you! Today we are publishing one of the first, but not final announcements of recruitment. We need 4 male volunteers, who live in Didube, Isani, Chugureti, Ortachala, Sololaki or Vera districts.

They will be required to regularly (3-4 times a week) accompany our organizer in charge of the purchase of humanitarian aid to the stores and help with loading and delivery".

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