"Voice of Russia" — Russians Against the War

Association of artists, producers, journalists and other creative professionals, demanding to put an end to the war
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The Voice of Russia was created by Russian civic activist Alexei Minyailo and is an association of several independent anti-war projects in art and journalism.

These artists, writers and journalists consider it essential to speak out about the war in Russian, to make the anti-war stance heard from Russia.

“„Verse“ — videotape your favorite anti-war poem and send it to us. Joint project with ROAR — „Bulletin of oppositional Russian-speaking culture“; „Voldeput and his deathly gifts. Satirical comics, 18+“; „Russian Shame: A Volunteer's Diary“. A documentary play based on the diaries of Stas Leontiev, a volunteer working at a refugee center in Berlin”.

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