A Group of Journalists, Activists and Human Rights Activists has Launched a Support Fund for Those Who Want to Leave Russia to Avoid Becoming Mobilised and Going to War

Choose Life” helps people to leave the country if they don't have enough money, if they don't know where to go, if there is simply no one else to turn to for help

"We work in-house: we have a team of volunteers — reliable people who sort out requests for help and help you leave. Everything you tell us about yourself stays between us; we don't pass information on to third parties. 

How we can help:

— Financial assistance (for example, if you can't afford to buy a ticket)

— Legal or psychological assistance (if you need advice on your visa application or you are at a loss and need to talk to a psychologist)

— Logistics (if you can not figure out the best way to leave and your route from where you are)

— Finding accommodation (if you don't know where to stay in a new country for the first time).

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