Wartime Diaries

Since the start of the war, the Diaries 22 Telegram channel has been collecting evidence of the war in Ukraine

The creators of the channel are asking to share the channel with friends, relatives and acquaintances in Russia so that as many people as possible are aware of what is happening in Ukraine:

 "From our 8th floor windows we saw the outskirts of the city being bombed and it starting to burn. Black smoke was rising and hanging in the air from all directions. Near the entrances, people were building cookers out of bricks and looking for firewood for them, and then have been chopping down trees, just to cook food, at least once a day. They drained water from the boilers, then from the heating system and started looking everywhere for some more. First the grocery shops and pharmacies were broken into, then everything. <...> Shells began to explode closer and closer to our homes. People started dying before our eyes. I remember the first woman, about 70 years old, who fell down near her house and died, most likely from fright of an exploding shell. She, as well as many others were wrapped in blankets (not to be torn by stray dogs), and laid along the roadway, in our street on Azovstal.

<... > The first shell that hit our house hit the flat on the 6-th floor. It did not burst, but anyway, a woman was killed, along with her one-year-old granddaughter; the landlady went to hospital with an open wound to the head. The hospital, somehow arranged, and all the doctors left. Two elderly nurses were left behind. The corpses of neighbours or relatives were taken out and laid or buried already near the entrances. It was too dangerous to venture any further.”

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